Portable metal stress inspection instrument IN-01m

Inspection the tightening effort of steel studs and bolts
on the power engineering equipment;

Metal stress inspection and API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 remaining life assessment of whole steel parts;

Metal structure and mechanical properties evaluation;

Stationery stress monitoring and robotic systems.

Portable metal stress inspection scanning instrument IN-02

Complete metal stress inspection of long and heavy steel parts and structures (cargo and lifting facilities, steel vessels, main and auxiliary pipelines, railways, etc.)

Remaining life estimation for steel parts and engineering structures without stopping normal work and maintenance;

Steel rope stress inspection and monitoring.


RK-02 the metal demagnetizing toolkit

To demagnetize local areas of structures and parts made from ferromagnetic materials (e.g. from structure steels), particularly, welding zones near the edges of steel pipes in pipeline building and maintenance.


RSD-16 «Wavelet» multichannel eddy current stress-corrosion meter and scanner

API 570 piping systems mechanical integrity assessments;

API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 fitness-for-service and remaining life assessments of pressurized equipment used in oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical facilities;

High-performance eddy current inspection of heavy steel parts & engineering structures in production or normal work.

ASD-32 «Vikhr» automated self-moving stress-corrosion meter and scanner

Inspection of main and auxiliary pipelines during recovery of protective insulation;

Eddy current inspection of steel pipes in production and repairs.


«Triton» multichannel magnetic field measurement system

Automated real-time survey and magnetic field mapping of geomagnetic anomalies on the land and in the sea;

Searching and tracing the underground communications;

Geomagnetic field inverse problem solution;

Multichannel geomagnetic station.

«Triton»-based underwater and well magnetometer-gradiometer

Automated real-time survey and magnetic field mapping of geomagnetic anomalies on the land and in the sea;

Geophysical well logging, real-time inspection and telemetry of drilled or used oil and gas wells, mines and boreholes;

Underwater archeology and geohysics.

Field imaging magnetometer for high strength magnetic fields

Permanent magnet production control and ranking;

Magnetic NDT applications in applied and residual field;

Contactless diagnosting of moving electric machines and moving parts of electric power genering equipment;

High power complex magnetic systems testing, e.g. magneto-resonant imaging (MRI), etc.