Metal stress management
for steel goods and structures by metal stress indicators IN-01m, IN-02, IN-03

- operational checking for the facility to be inspected

- feedback of electromagnetic treatment stress relaxation result
  usually measured by metal stress indicators IN-01m, IN-02, IN-03

- stressed state of metal usually determined right after direct measurements

Application examples:

Inspecting and recovering the metal of drilling pipes residual service life

The drilling pipes are usually produced from extra strong grades of steel, the high mechanical properties of ones are provided by intensive alloying and hardening of the metal. The Metalurgists are knows that the higher the degree of hardening the more unstable state of metal structure is obtained...

Residual stress of steel pipes inspection and relaxation

When the overhaul of the underground steel pipeline is carried out, each pipe of one to be welded in should be preliminarily inspected. If even minimal cracks in the metal detected the pipe is not to be approved for use. However the cracks are frequently appeared in the metal immediately after welding...

Determining the causes of disbalanced gas turbines assemblies

During the gas turbines maintenance the mounting wheels of ones to the shaft is carried out by the way of pressuring the shaft cooled by the liquid nitrogen into the hub of wheel heated by the hot air jet...

Metal structure analysis
allow to ascertain reliably following features:

- grade of steel or alloy, heat treatment mode

- elementary composition of alloy, presence of impurities

- compliance of metal and products made from ones to GOST requirements

- compliance of product features to certificate of ones

- signs of metal overloads which are impacted in construction working mode

- shape of loads to metal which are lead to destruction

- hearth (point of beginning disruption) and direction of crack distribution in the metal

- residual service life of metal;

- etc.

Technical and scientific consulting
on the following topics:

- special program for defenders of candidate of technical sciences degree on NDT in Russia
  05.11.13 «Technique of natural environment, materials and artificial products inspection

- program of training for government experts on speciality
  10.4 «Investigation of products made from metals and alloys»

- training coarse for experts, engineers and NDT inspectors «Nondestructive
  evaluation of metal stressed state using IN-01m, IN-02, IN-03 instruments»

- etc.

Scientific researches and engineering developments
provided in following industrial branches:

- magnetic and electromagnetic nondestructive testing;

- structure health and environment features measurements and monitoring;

- automation of measures and production processes;

- remote control and management system;

- databases, machine learning, neural networks;

- etc.

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Examples of scientific-engineering developments (under permission of customers):