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IN-01m basic metal stress inspection kit
IN-01m basic metal stress inspection kit


Inspection the tightening effort of steel studs and bolts on the power engineering equipment;

Metal stress inspection of whole steel parts and engineering structures with complex shape and remaining life estimation according to API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 assessment standards;

Metal structure and mechanical properties evaluation in heat treatments; finding the overheatings during the grinding;

Stationery stress monitoring and robotic systems.


- magnetizing unit
- magnetic field transducer
- electronic data acquisition unit with micro-SD (2GB) memory card installed
- certificate, manual, inspection carrying out guidelines
- accumulator, AC adapter of charger built-in
- «IN-01m connect» PC application
- USB cable for PC communication
- case for transporting and storing

Key features:

- Highest sensitivity;

- Actual value of stress measurement including both elastic (resilient) and plastic (creep);

- Direct comparison of actual stress measured with yield limit in order to estimate
  the remaining life according to API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 assessment standard;

- Relative measurement technique does not require of specimens for calibration;

- Software database of metals samples, expandable by Customer;

- Saving measurements in Excel format, or sending to RS-232 / RS-485 network;

- Extended industrial temperature range: from –20 to +70°C;

- Light weight, high economic efficiency and mobility;

- Special sensor design available for robotic systems and for complex shapes
  of objects inspected: gearwheels, valves, shafts, bearings, chassis parts, pipes, etc.

Local areas with high stressed condition of metal, unlike to defects detected by old NDT techniques, can be removed successfully from using electromagnetic or heat treatment

Magnetizing unit

Size, mm:
Weight, g, max:
180 × 20

Metal stress indicator

Size, mm:
– electronic data acquisition unit
– magnetic field transducer
Weight, g, max:

136 × 72 × 28
14 × 20
Power supply: 1 Ni-MH accumulator of PP3 size
Built-in automatic charger
Indication: Alphanumeric
Measurement error, %, max: 5
Measurement range, mT: 0,01…20,00
Environment temperature range, °С: –20…+70