Real-time stress-corrosion resolution and measurement from 0.5 mm depth

Common view
Common view


- API 570 piping systems mechanical integrity assessments;

- API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 fitness-for-service and remaining life assessments
  of pressurized equipment used in oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical facilities;

- High-performance eddy current inspection of heavy steel parts
  and engineering structures in production or normal work.


- electronic data acquisition unit
- set of pair accumulators with charger;
- eddy current sensor unit
- set of artificial defects steel specimens
- case for transporting and storing
- certificate, manual

Key features:

- Highest sensitivity, performance and portability;

- Patented wavelet-based technique of real-time eddy current signals analysis;

- Automated real time separation of cracks and corrosion;

- Automated real-time depth calculation and thresholding of detected defects;

- Connected to the personal computer the scanner working as
  standard USB flash disk, since this no special driver required.

- Wireless measurement unit / stationery / robotic / multichannel design available;

- Special sensor design available for robotic systems and for complex shapes
  of objects inspected: gearwheels, valves, shafts, bearings, chassis parts, pipes, etc.

Eddy current unit specs

Eddy current sensors used: differential
Effective width of sensitive area
for one eddy current sensor, mm:
Lift-off range, mm: 0,5...3,0
Amount of eddy current sensing elements in unit: 8/16
Minimal defects of metal can be detected:
– crack (depth × length, mm):
– single pitting corrosion (depth × width, mm):

Defects depths evaluation errors:
– crack, mm:
– pitting corrosion, mm:

0,1 – 0,2
0,5 – 1,0
Recommended speed of scanning, m/s: 0,1 – 0,4
Eddy current elements protection material: Ceramic

Storing and transferring data measured

Capacity of memory to save data measured: 8 GB
Personal computer communication: USB-port

Mechanical specs and power supply

Data acquisition unit dimensions
(length × width × height, mm):
Data acquisition unit weight, g: 540
Eddy current unit dimensions
(length × width × height, mm):
Eddy current unit weight, g: 360
Power supply source: lithium
battery 3S2P
Supply current from fully-charged accumulator, mA: 800
Working temperature range, °С: –20…+70

Portable automated scanning flaw detector RSD-16 «Wavelet».
User manual (temporarily in Russian only)

Size of file: 22,2 MB
Connecting to the personal computer the scanner working as
simple USB flash disk, since this no special driver required