Up to 500 3-component measurements per second with up to 0.1 nT resolution

Data acquisition unit of magnetic field measurement system
Triton multichannel magnetic field measurement system

System configuration examples:

Measured data illustrations:


- Automated real-time survey and magnetic field mapping
  of geomagnetic anomalies on the land and in the sea;

- Searching and tracing the underground communications;

- Geomagnetic field inverse problem solution;

- Multichannel geomagnetic station;

- Steel pipelines stressed state remote inspection and monitoring.

Key features:

- High resolution from 1.0 nT to 0.1 nT (optionally);

- Wide ±70 000 nT or ±180 000 nT (optionally) measurement range;

- Up to 12x 3-component sensors can be used simultaneously;

- Sensors networking at distances up to 2 km and more;

- Can be mounted on the UAV and optionally equipped by special radio channel with
  up to 40 km radius of action in order to acquire data remotely from UAV mounted
  sensor system to the ground placed acquisition station in real time;

- Anyone topology of magnetic field sensor can be chosen from
  single fluxgate element to gradiometer or 3-component topology;

- Making possible to provide magnetic measurements down to 1 km under water;

- USB/RS-232 interface to connect custom GNSS receiver, or RTK system,
  or sea radar (e.g. Trimble R8, Emlid Reach RS+, Lowrance Elite-7 Ti, etc.);

- Real-time color map, linear graph and digital indication of measurements;

- Being connected to the personal computer the Triton system works
  like a standard USB flash drive, does not require any software driver;

- Output data format compatible with Surfer and Google Earth.

System architecture:

Price is composed from measurement system configuration:

1. Price of basic kit composed from 1 magnetic field sensor with acquisition unit,
    (with GNSS receiver built-in), 2 accumulators, charger, USB-to-PC data cable
    and sensor cable with up to 8 meter length is 4790$.

2. Each additional meter of sensor cable add to the price of 60$.

3. Acquisition unit can maintain up to 12 gradiometer and 3-component sensors simultaneously.
3.1. Each additional gradiometer magnetic field sensor adds in the price of 550$.
3.2. Each additional 3-component magnetic field sensor adds in the price of 690$.

4. Odometer on the base of incremental encoder adds in the price of 250$.

5. RTK system consists of receiver, base station with folding tripod
    and set of accumulators with charger adds in the price of 3200$.

Magnetic field measurement system

Magnetic field sensitive element: fluxgate, straight
Magnetic field sensor topologies provided by default: 1/2/3-component
or gradiometer
Amount of 1/2/3-component or gradiometer magnetic field
sensor maintained by system simultaneously:
1 – 12 and more
(on special request)
Magnetic field components measurement range, nT: ±70000 or ±180000
Magnetic field gradient components measurement range, nT/m: ±140000 or ±360000
Magnetic field sensing resolution, nT: 1.0 or 0.1
Measurement data rate setting
3-component samples per second:
0.001 – 500
Maximum length of acquisition-to-sensor cable, m
(depended on customer’s requirements):

Coordinates measurement system

Measurement synchronization sources: built-in timer
external odometer
Coordinates measurement units:
– built-in GNSS receiver
– odometer on the base of incremental encoder
– RTK system consists of receiver and base station

RTK navigation systems supported: GPS, GLONASS,
RTK base station coverage radius, km: up to 40
RTK receiver connection (forg third part manufacturers): USB/RS-232
NMEA 0183 protocol
115200bps/8/1/no parity
Typical plane position measurement error, m:
– built-in receiver
– RTK system


Storing and transferring data measured

Capacity of memory to save data measured: 8GB – 64GB (optional)
Personal computer communication: USB port

Mechanical specs and power supply

Data acquisition unit dimensions
(length × width × height, mm):
Magnetic field sensors dimensions (length × width × height, mm):
– gradiometer
– 3-component

Magnetic field sensors water resistance, m: 40
RTK system components dimensions
(length × width × height, mm):
– receiver
– base station (without tripod)
– tripod for RTK base station
– tripod when folded

Data acquisition unit weight, g: 540
Magnetic field sensors weight, g:
– gradiometer
– 3-component

RTK system components weight, g:
– receiver
– base station (without tripod)
– tripod for RTK base station

Power supply source: lithium
battery 3S2P
Supply current from fully-charged accumulator, mA: 800
Working temperature range, °С: –20…+70