Magnetic measurements on 40 meters under water and more with up to 0.1 nT resolution

Common view of magnetometer-gradiometer
Common view of underwater magnetometer-gradiometer

System configuration examples:

Measured data illustrations:


- Automated real-time survey and magnetic field mapping
  of geomagnetic anomalies on the land and in the sea;

- Geophysical well logging, real-time inspection and telemetry
  of drilled or used oil and gas wells, mines and boreholes;

- Underwater archeology and geohysics.

Key features:

- High resolution from 1.0 nT to 0.1 nT (optionally);

- Wide ±70 000 nT or ±180 000 nT (optionally) measurement range;

- Up to 12x 3-component sensors can be used simultaneously;

- Sensors networking at distances up to 2 km and more;

- Can be integrated with ROV and optionally equipped by special channel
  to transfer measured data in real time to the ROV controller on the ship;

- Anyone topology of magnetic field sensor can be chosen from
  single fluxgate element to gradiometer or 3-component topology;

- Making possible to provide magnetic measurements down to 1 km under water;

- USB/RS-232 interface to connect custom GNSS receiver, or RTK system,
  or sea radar (e.g. Trimble R8, Emlid Reach RS+, Lowrance Elite-7 Ti, etc.);

- Real-time color map, linear graph and digital indication of measurements;

- Being connected to the personal computer the Triton system works
  like a standard USB flash drive, does not require any software driver;

- Output data format compatible with Surfer and Google Earth.

System architecture:

Price is composed from measurement system configuration:

1. Price of basic kit composed from 1 magnetic field sensor with acquisition unit,
    (with GNSS receiver built-in), 2 accumulators, charger, USB-to-PC data cable
    and sensor cable with up to 8 meter length is 4790$.

2. Each additional meter of sensor cable add in the price of 60$.

3. Acquisition unit can maintain up to 12 gradiometer and 3-component sensors simultaneously.
3.1. Each additional gradiometer magnetic field sensor adds in the price of 550$.
3.2. Each additional 3-component magnetic field sensor adds in the price of 690$.

4. Odometer on the base of incremental encoder adds in the price of 250$.

5. RTK system consists of receiver, base station with folding tripod
    and set of accumulators with charger adds in the price of 3200$.

Magnetic field measurement system

Magnetic field sensitive element: fluxgate, straight
Magnetic field sensor topologies provided by default: 1/2/3-component
or gradiometer
Amount of 1/2/3-component or gradiometer magnetic field
sensor maintained by system simultaneously:
1 – 12 or more
(on special request)
Magnetic field components measurement range, nT: ±70000 or ±180000
Magnetic field gradient components measurement range, nT/m: ±140000 or ±360000
Magnetic field sensing resolution, nT: 1.0 or 0.1
Measurement data rate setting
3-component samples per second:
0.001 – 500
Maximum length of acquisition-to-sensor cable, m
(depended on customer’s requirements):

Coordinates measurement system

Measurement synchronization sources: built-in timer
external odometer
Coordinates measurement units:
– built-in GNSS receiver
– odometer on the base of incremental encoder
– RTK system consists of receiver and base station

RTK navigation systems supported: GPS, GLONASS,
RTK base station coverage radius, km: up to 40
External receiver connection (for third part manufacturers): USB/RS-232
NMEA 0183 protocol
115200bps/8/1/no parity
Typical plane position measurement error, m:
– built-in receiver
– RTK system


Storing and transferring data measured

Capacity of memory to save data measured: 8GB – 64GB (optional)
Personal computer communication: USB port

Mechanical specs and power supply

Data acquisition unit dimensions
(length × width × height, mm):
Magnetic field sensors dimensions (length × width × height, mm):
– gradiometer
– 3-component

Magnetic field sensors water resistance, m: 40
RTK system components dimensions
(length × width × height, mm):
– receiver
– base station (without tripod)
– tripod for RTK base station
– tripod when folded

Data acquisition unit weight, g: 540
Magnetic field sensors weight, g:
– gradiometer
– 3-component

RTK system components weight, g:
– receiver
– base station (without tripod)
– tripod for RTK base station

Power supply source: lithium
battery 3S2P
Supply current from fully-charged accumulator, mA: 800
Working temperature range, °С: –20…+70