Portable metal stress indicator IN-01m

- Tightening effort of steel studs and bolts control
  in the power engineering equipment;

- Metal stress inspection of steel parts
  and industrial structures.

Scanning portable metal stress indicator IN-02

Continuous metal stress inspection of long and large steel parts and structures (cargo and lifting facilities, steel vessels, main and auxiliary pipelines, railways, etc.)


RK-02 demagnetizing toolkit

To demagnetize local areas of structures and parts made from ferromagnetic materials (e.g. from structure steels), particularly, welding zones near the edges of steel pipes in pipeline building and maintenance.


Portable intelligent eddy current defect measure scanner RSD-16 «Wavelet»

High-performance eddy current inspection of heavy steel parts and industrial structures made from steel and non-ferrous alloys.

Autoamated self-moving eddy current defect measure scanner ASD-32 «Vikhr»

- Outside-of-pipe inspection of main and auxiliary
  pipelines during recovery of protective insulation;

- Eddy current inspection of steel pipes in production.


«Triton» multichannel magnetic field measurement system

- Automated real-time survey and magnetic field mapping
  of geomagnetic anomalies on the land and in the sea;

- Large-area demining: unexploded ordnance (UXO),
  landmine and seamine detection;

- Steel pipelines stressed state remote magnetic inspection.

«Triton»-based underwater / borehole magnetometer-gradiometer

- Real-time magnetic field measurement inside of boreholes;

- Real-time underwater survey and recording
  with bindings to depth and GPS coordinates.

Geophysical 3-axis magnetometer

- Earth magnetic field passive and active
  compensation in magnetoresonant inspection (MRI);

- Aeromagnetic survey of the large areas
  binding measurement points to GPS;

- Precision avionic compass;

- Long-time Earth magnetic field measurement
  (monitoring) with saving results to personal computer.

Graph magnetometer for high strength fields measurement

- Permanent magnet production control;

- Magnetic NDT applications in applied
  and residual magnetic field;

- Complex magnetic systems and magnetic circuits testing.