to perform continuous high-speed stressed state inspection

IN-02 continuous metal stress inspection basic kit
IN-02 continuous metal stress inspection basic kit


Continuous metal stress inspection of long and large steel parts and structures (cargo and lifting facilities, steel vessels, main and auxiliary pipelines, railways,etc.)


- magnetic measurement unit
- electronic data acquisition unit with micro-SD (2GB) memory card installed
- certificate, manual, inspection carrying out guidelines
- set of accumulators, AC adapter of charger built-in
- «IN-01m connect» PC application
- USB cable for PC communication
- hard plastic case for transporting and storing

Key features:

- Highest performance and sensitivity;
- Metal strain measurements in full range elastic and plastic deformations;
- Evaluating the metal structures actual strength the readouts of IN-01m and IN-02
  metal stress indicators are directly compared with permissive value of metal stress;
- Design with wireless magnetic measurement unit;
- Saving measurements to Excel files into memory card installed;
- Extended industrial temperature range: from –20 to +70°C.
- Light weight, high economic efficiency and mobility.

Local areas with high stressed condition of metal, unlike to defects detected by convenient NDT techniques, can be relaxated and successfully removed from the metal

Magnetic measurement unit

Size, mm:
Weight, kg, max:
260 × 150 × 30
Interface: Analog signal or Bluetooth

Electronic data acquisition unit

Size, mm:
Weight, g, max:
210 × 108 × 45
Power supply: 6 Ni-MH accumulators of АА size
Built-in automatic charger
Indication: Digital and graphic (linear scan)
Measurement error, %, max: 5
Measurement range, mT: 0,01…20,00
Environment temperature range, °С: –20…+70